Holy Cross Chapel


Center of the small and often visited chapel is the stone cross from the 13th century. Exempted of artifacts, its simplicity, age, mysterious origin and miracle strength give to the cross today's reputation. The cross found its way to Neuenburg in a marvellous way. The legend tells that the stone cross came with the tides of the Rhine stream, and remained lying on its south bank.

Again and again the cross was set up in the cathedral, however, it returned by itself to the place where it was discovered. Thereupon, the citizens built the chapel at the gates of the city in honour of the "holy cross".
During the Second World War, when the chapel was destroyed, the cross remained intact.


Again, as for centuries, the cross was saved over all war confusions and stands in the center of the chapel as "symbol of the fate of the city, of a place of pilgrimage and for many people, as a symbol of comfort and peace."