Fountain Tour

The Zähringer city, Neuenburg am Rhein, a free Reichstadt founded in 1175 by Herzog Berthold IV of Zähringen, held a very important political meaning for Europe in the Middle Ages. Through the ages, fountains have served as a vital centre point for cities and towns. The water fountains were thought of as a symbol of the happiness and joy of the town's inhabitants. The central role of water in ensuring life and happiness gave the fountains in the cities of the Middle Ages an important social task. Fountains are a central point of daily life and a favorite meeting place. Besides their practical meaning, fountains have also inspired a number of artists. In today's cities, fountains mean "urban-life-quality" Fountains are creative objects and give the city a distinctive identity.
Duration of the Fountain Tour: Approx. 60 Min.
The detailed Brochure on the Fountains of Neuenburg am Rhein can be bought in the Tourist Information office for 2,00 €
Download map [PDF, 149 KB].



Brunnenanlage Monument auf dem Rathausplatz - Narrenbrunnen - Fischbrunnen - Basiliskenbrunnen - Matthias-von-Neuenburg-Brunnen - Brunnen Kinder unterm Regenschirm - Brunnen Kinder und Gans - Brunnenanlage Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft - Brunnen auf dem Franziskanerplatz - Brunnentrog bei der Heilig-Kreuz-Kapelle